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1My Movie Collection  v.2.6.1Multimedia / Video$24.95Shareware37 Kb
2Xtreme Movie Collection  v.1. 5. 2003Home & Education / Miscellaneous$16.00Shareware10 Kb
3JAMCAT - Movie Collection Tool  v.1.0Games / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware0 Kb
4Movie Collection Database Software  v.7.0Business / Database Management$19.99Shareware5.03 Mb
5Free Convert Movie Clip to DivX Movie  v.1.0.6Audio / Rippers & EncodersFreeFreeware3.73 Mb
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1Movie Collector Plus  v.1.1Home & Education / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Catalog and share your DVD movie collection.

1.73 Mb
2Best Movie Manager  v.6.8Home & Education / Miscellaneous$44.95SharewareDetail

Forget about the problems with your movie collection if you use movie manager for organizing your 3000+ movie collection! It solves all your problems hands down leaving you plenty of free time! As soon as you get acquainted with the movie manager,

7.95 Mb
3LuJoSoft Lmdb  v.1. 5. 2000Home & Education / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Tired of managing your movie collection manually? Is your DVD collection software difficult to use? Are you looking for easy-to-use movie database software? Stop right there! We have the solution. For all you movie collectors out there, LuJoSoft Lmdb

5.03 Mb
4Movida  v.20050131Multimedia / VideoFreeFreewareDetail

Movida is a movie collection manager that helps you organizing your movie collection

10 Kb
5Movie Central 4.0  v.4.0Games / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

# Movie Central is a personal movie collection manager. # It is a free desktop application for creating and searching personal movie collection. # Manage your movies in your PC in the most easy way possible. # It has a has very simple UI and ...

2.17 Mb
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1Movie Label 2009  v.4.1.1Home & Education / Hobby$49.95Shareware10.41 Mb

vhs, blu-ray, bluray, collector, dvd manager, divx, movie inventory, dvd inventory

2Movie Label 2012  v.7.1.3Home & Education / Miscellaneous$39.95Shareware15.49 Mb

dvd, movie, vhs, blu-ray, bluray, dvd collection, movie collection, dvd database, movie database, collector, collection, organizer, dvd manager, movie manager, video, divx, movie inventory, dvd inventory

3Agil's Coloring Book  v.1.0Home & Education / KidsFreeFreeware996 Kb

freewares, web snapshot, web screenshot, movie catalog, movie management, movie collection, dvd collection, coloring book

4Ant Movie Catalog  v. / Media ManagementFreeFreeware4.4 Mb

movie catalog, movie collection, movie organizer, movie, collection, organize

5Movie Central  v.2.0.1Home & Education / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware0 Kb

movie central, movie list, movie catalog, movie collection, collection, catalog, movie

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